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Quantel Rio delivers the ultimate post production workflow at any resolution - 2K, 4K or 8K. Delivering stunning images, Quantel Rio blends quality and creativity in a package that delivers the productivity needed to succeed in movie and TV finishing, getting the whole job done efficiently without creative limits.

What's new?

We are pleased to announce V4.4.0 is now released for Quantel Rio and Rio Assist. V4.4.0 brings a host of new features to Rio that include two new tracker choices, Cloud and Optical Flow algorithms, along with improved color management tools with colorspace choices available on export and more extensive LUT management support for tangent panels.

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Bafta nominated drama Fleabag, finished on Rio

London’s The Look transforms Amazon series ‘Fleabag’ into HDR masterpiece

"Fleabag was our first HDR project at The Look and to begin with I was dubious about the real selling point of HDR for the viewer’, said Thomas Urbye, senior colorist and MD at The Look. ‘But the moment you have content like explosions, waterfalls, metallic reflections and night exterior shots of cities, they really come alive."

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The ultimate editing environment

Quantel Rio’s comprehensive editing toolset has everything you need to deliver the entire job. Whether mastering your entire movie, drama or documentary or compiling your timeline using the multi-cam editor, Quantel Rio has all the tools for the job.

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Create with Color

Create with color

There are no limits with Quantel Rio; RAW color workflow, wide color gamut, HDR, multiple transfer curves are all supported. 32-bit float processing provides ultimate color precision. Everything remains live for further enhancement.

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The finishing toolset

Thanks to its realtime and interactive performance, Quantel Rio’s complete finishing toolset keeps the whole job in the suite. From adding titles, closed captions or visual effects, Quantel Rio is the natural choice for client-attended sessions.

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The finishing toolset
Collaborative workflows

Collaborative workflows

With Quantel Rio, any number of creatives can now work on the same media with history for color, edit and finishing. With SAM’s Momentum and Go! technology users have access to a lightweight browser-based platform to view, edit and approve media from anywhere in the world, providing top quality remote production tools and services to clients.

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Quantel Rio has the power to handle the whole job interactively through its comprehensive online editing, color correction and finishing toolset



There is a choice of two SAM control panels - Neo and its compact counterpart, Neo Nano and support for Tangent’s Element and Ripple control panel. All panels provide natural heads-up control of color and seamless interaction with Quantel Rio's comprehensive grading software.

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Quantel Rio V4.3 RAW Color Workflow


To ensure you get the most from your investment, SAM offers comprehensive support packages to suit your needs. SAM Care provides a highly skilled 24x7 technical help desk, committed response times, software maintenance support and operates a worldwide spare parts service from over 20 warehouse locations across the globe.

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