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HD, 2K, 4K, 8K

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Rio’s comprehensive editing and finishing toolset has everything you need to deliver the entire job, whether working with native colorspace on disk, grading in HDR, or outputting multiple versions in mixed colorspaces – all from the same timeline. Rio is your complete digital partner, handling RED, ARRI, SI, Sony, Panasonic, Blackmagic and Canon digital media in a highly efficient workflow while maintaining ultimate image quality at 4K and beyond. 

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Rio Turnkey

Guaranteed out of-the-box performance running on cutting edge PC hardware. Rio is available in a choice of three turnkey configurations:
• Rio 2K – ideal for TV program and commercials finishing
• Rio 4K – unmatched power and capability for TV and movie finishing
• Rio 8K – the world’s only realtime 8K 60p color and finishing system

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Rio delivers stunning images at any and every resolution color space and framerate.

NVIDIA Maximus

Rio Software

For those preferring to build their own hardware platform, there are two software-only options:

• Rio 4K software – all the tools for 4K color and finishing
• Rio Assist – workflow partner for prep, conform and pre-vis

Rio Assist

Rio Assist™ is a cost-effective, software-only preparation, conform and pre-vis system for file-based editorial, online finishing and color correction.

Rio Assist’s powerful toolset handles all your backroom jobs quickly and efficiently, enabling your customer-attended Rio sessions to be even more productive.


Editing for everyone from news to production

Rio delivers editing for everyone. From a simple viewer and shot selector, to a breaking news editor, to a fully-featured effects system. Rio has all the tools for speed and efficiency for any production.

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Rio takes advantage of NVIDIA Maximus technology enabling multiple GPUs to work together in the same system. The result is blistering performance that brings a new level of interactivity to the color and finishing suite.

Rio Connect

Realtime teamworking solution spanning multiple instances of Rio. The Rio Connect™ collaborative workflow engine instantly solves facility scheduling challenges by enabling media sharing between up to eight Rio systems. Every Rio suite can work on the same job, or projects can be instantly moved between suites; Rio Connect enables you to maximize your productivity and revenues.

Rio Assist

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