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There is a choice of two control panels from SAM, the Neo and its compact counterpart, Neo Nano, as well as third party options with Tangent's Element and Ripple.


The all-in-one design looks great in your grading suite, with the OLED displays and EL-illuminated buttons allowing you to find all your functions and presets, settings and controls at a glance. The Neo is fully customizable, right down to the brightness of the displays and the sensitivity of the controls. The panel can even be configured for left or right-handed use by swapping over the secondary and transport control panels.

Neo Nano

Neo Nano

Smaller footprint with 12 full-color OLED displays, and the same electroluminescent buttons, Neo Nano offers identical core primary and secondary grading options, user-definable presets and interactive visual feedback to the full-sized Neo Panel in a much more compact size.

3rd Party Panels

Rio now supports Tangent's Element and Ripple control panels, giving you the opportunity to get grading using existing infrastructure.

• Element - Slim modular design
• Ripple - Entry level panel

3rd Party

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