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With its complete color and finishing toolset and blistering performance, Rio is the natural choice to sit at the heart of your data-centric post pipeline.


Soft mount

Soft mount

With soft mount support for RED, OpenEXR, DNxHD, MXF, SStP, F55/65, XAVC, Arri RAW, Canon RAW, GoProMP4, Blackmagic Cinema DNG, Apple ProRes 422, DPX, Cineon, Tiff, P2, XDCAM and RED Epic, there is no need to import media into local workspace with Rio. Work can start immediately wherever the material is stored, whether on a USB drive, SAN or NAS. Rio Archives can also be soft-mounted.

Render on export

There’s no requirement to render media to local storage with Quantel Rio. When the job is complete, it is simply rendered as it is exported to the facility SAN or NAS, saving time and disk space.

New Shared Workflows

Adding SAM's Momentum technology and commercial off-the-shelf storage to your facility, you can now work on the same media with history for color, edit and finishing at 4K on your SAN.

Teamworking with Rio

Teamworking with Rio is easy thanks to soft mount. With source media stored on the facility storage, all Rio systems can see the same source files. Project files (local archives) can be quickly saved and soft mounted by other systems. These archives point at the source rushes so jobs can be quickly accessed and shared between suites.

Rio Connect™

Better workflows; more productive post

  • Complete flexibility to move jobs at a moment’s notice – take on short- notice work
  • Teamwork across multiple suites instantly – take on jobs with tight deadlines
  • Handle late changes with ease – happy clients return time and again
  • Instantly review the state of a distributed project – stay in control
Integrated DCP toolset

Integrated DCP toolset

SAM has integrated the widelyused Fraunhofer DCP API into the Rio toolset. This enables the creation of standards-compliant DCP encrypted masters for delivery, and the importing of DCP files into the Rio environment, facilitating their use as a high quality interchange format. Working with the Fraunhofer DCP toolset within the Rio environment saves time and costs associated with exporting media to external systems. Better still, creative work can continue uninterrupted on Rio while DCP packages are being created as a background task.

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