Comprehensive Editing Toolset

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Rio’s comprehensive editing and finishing toolset has everything you need to deliver the entire job, whether working with native colorspace on disk, grading in HDR, or outputting multiple versions in mixed colorspaces – all from the same timeline.

Simple to use timeline editor

Simple to use timeline editor

Whether dropping in late-arriving effects shots, trying a different-length dissolve or putting together a complete promo or trailer, Rio has all the 2D and Stereo3D editing tools to make editorial changes easy.


Rio gives you all the tools you need for video and file conforms including Avid effects. Conforms can be accomplished from either AAFs or EDLs and with both video and file-based media — MXF, DNxHD, RED, DPX, Cineon, Tiff, ARRI RAW, QuickTime and many others are supported. The conform menu includes powerful tools for applying settings from existing clips to new media such as VFX shots, making it quick and easy to handle late changes.



Rio brings up to 32 channel audio with sophisticated tools right into the color correction suite. With Rio, clients can review their movie at full resolution in realtime – not only with instant non-linear access to any shot or sequence, but also with 5.1 audio to complete the experience.


Comprehensive retiming tools, from optical flow motion through to using the world renowned Alchemist technology for the ultimate in smooth motion respeed algorithms.


Rio excels at producing the multitude of different deliverables that every movie, episodic or documentary now requires for international distribution. Re-sizing, reframing, 3D LUTs, closed captions and pan-and scan are all handled on-the-fly in realtime on output. More convenient for the client; more revenue for the Rio owner.

Multi-cam editing

Rio can edit and playback in realtime using multiple cameras quickly and easily. Loading multiple camera angles immediately, choosing the sync point through a variety of options and selecting your master clip to get started, couldn’t be quicker. You can even add or remove cameras after creating the multi-cam group!

With Rio it’s easy to add, remove or switch to another camera in your edit with a single button press. With Rio's fully featured and powerful edit and finishing toolset, trimming video and audio and adding colour and effects is a fast and efficient process.

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